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Team Member Highlight

Thank you UVic Engineering & Computer Science Co-op for highlighting one of our amazing team members Annelise Lapointe and the incredible work that she is doing.

Annelise Lapointe is a 4th year Biomedical Engineering student working VoxCell BioInnovation, a tissue engineering company providing 3D-printed solutions for the drug development industry and oncology research.

In her position as Research and Development Co-op, Annelise has worked in a variety of roles ranging from cell culturing, testing bioinks on different bioprinting technologies, bioprinting on VoxCell’s two-photon polymerization bioprinter, imaging prints and charaterizing bioink’s using a confocal microscope. The opportunity to work on different bioprinting systems, has deepened her passion for the field of bioprinting.

As Annelise nears the end of her undergraduate degree at UVic, we asked her is she had any advice for students. “I would advise students to get involved in extracurriculars, especially for the biomedical engineering students. This is the best way to gain hands on experience to put on the resume for co-ops. I would also advise students to make connections and reach out to companies that you are really interested and passionate about.”


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