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Welcome to the Team

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Exciting day at VoxCell BioInnovation, join us in welcoming Sebastian Steiner to our team!

A bit about Sebastian: He is a passionate engineer with a background in mechatronics and automation. After completing his BSc and MSc in chemistry at Vienna University of Technology in Austria, he pursued a PhD at the University of Glasgow in Scotland where he successfully built a fully automated synthesizer capable of performing multistep organic small molecule syntheses on a gram scale without manual intervention. Following a postdoc in Prof. Jason Hein's group at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, he joined Aspect Biosystems, a Vancouver based 3D bioprinting startup. Building on his prior expertise in automated liquid handling, he worked on the problem of delivering highly viscous non-newtonian bioinks to Aspect's patented microfluidic printhead. He then advanced to a lead-level position, overseeing a large scale instrument development project. After successfully transferring the instrument to manufacturing, he joined VoxCell BioInnovation as Head of Engineering.


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