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VoxCell’s Healthy Prostate Universal Bioink Kit contains a lyophilized (freeze-dried), sterile bioink material and 0.5% LAP - enough to prepare 10 mL of bioink (see Bioink Mixing Protocol). Our Healthy Prostate Universal Bioink allows for the creation of 3D hydrogels which mimic the chemical and mechanical properties of healthy prostate tissue. This product is compatible with extrusion-based and dynamic light processing 3D printing technologies (see Bioink Printing Protocol for details).

Healthy Prostate Universal Bioink Kit

Excluding Sales Tax
  • For research use only.


    Volume 10 mL
    Elastic modulus* 13.5 ± 0.6 kPa
    Shelf life (solid form, as received) Up to 1 year
    Shelf life (reconstituted form) Up to 1 week






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