Our Mission

Truly biomimetic

Utilizing a passionate and talented team, VoxCell is providing an extraordinary line of Truly Biomimetic solutions for the drug development industry and the field of Oncology research,  by creating 3D vascularized cancer tissue models. Our 3D Bioprinter uses a state of the art laser with a process that crosslinks bioink with extreme precision, producing incredible high resolution 3D bioprinted tissues. Combined with our proprietary software, we are able to print tissues with vasculature for more meaningful in vitro testing. This process occurs only at the focal point of the laser (the voxel, hence VoxCell), allowing for printing anywhere in the polymer, including within structures, unlike traditional extrusion based 3D bioprinters.

Our tissue models will increase confidence in new drug candidates, decrease the failure rate (currently more than 95% of drugs in the pipeline fail), and impact the speed for new therapies to get to market. The successful translation between pre-clinical trial data and clinical trial results is less than 8% and we are on a mission to change that.


Testing on truly biomimetic tissues will provide better data to identify and eliminate unsuccessful drug candidates sooner, increasing the throughput and reducing the volume and cost of animal and human testing, ultimately getting life saving therapies to market and in the hands of people who need them sooner.

Meet the team

Karol Small.jpg

Dr. Karolina Valente


Tim Cummings
Director of Operations


Dr. Emma Davy
Director of Bioink R&D


Curtis Evans
Director of Engineering


Dr. Kevin Vos
Tissue Engineering Scientist


Cameron Polglase
Lead Product Development Scientist

Austyn Small.jpg

Austyn Roelofs
Lead Engineer


Byron Kontou
Software Engineer


Megan Chisling
Product Development Scientist


Ian DeJong
Co-op Software Engineer


advisors and partners

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Dr. Alexandre Brolo



Dr. Nathan Lindquist
Advisor, Optics


Dr. Dave Leitch
Advisor, Pharma

Leah Small.jpg

Dr. Leah Gajecki
Advisor, Chemistry


Martin Gurbin
Advisor, Business