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2023 Falling Walls Winner

Exciting News! VoxCell BioInnovation has been chosen as a 2023 Falling Walls Venture Winner!

We are thrilled to announce that VoxCell BioInnovation has been recognized as one of the top 25 science start-ups globally, making us the sole Canadian company in 2023 to achieve this remarkable feat. Out of a whopping 137 applications spanning across 33 countries, our breakthrough innovation stood out!

Our selection comes as part of the prestigious Falling Walls Foundation, where innovative start-ups across diverse domains such as Biotechnology, Energy & Cleantech, Data & AI, MedTech, New Materials, Construction, Quantum Computing, Carbon Capture, Mobility & Transportation are celebrated.

Our CEO & CSO Dr. Karolina Valente pitched our groundbreaking work during the renowned Falling Walls #ScienceSummit2023, in Berlin on November 7th. But the excitement doesn’t stop there! On November 9th, the anniversary of the historic fall of the Berlin Wall, the winner from each category will have the incredible opportunity to present our game-changing innovation on the grand stage.

This momentous event serves as a catalyst for collaboration and growth, connecting us with potential investors, industry leaders, and strategic partners who share our vision for a better future. The platform provided by Falling Walls will extend our reach globally, propelling VoxCell BioInnovation into the forefront of the scientific community and beyond.

We are truly honoured to be part of this journey and can’t wait to share our groundbreaking work with the world.


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