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Wiley Analytical Science February 2024 Issue

We are delighted to share that our CEO Dr. Karolina Valente, has been prominently featured in Wiley Analytical Science Magazine's February 2024 issue. The article, titled "Human-like cancer tissue models: Behind Canada’s first high-resolution bioprinter - Interview with Dr. Karolina Valente," offers an exclusive insight into Dr. Valente's leadership and the innovative strides made by VoxCell. Conducted by Róisín Murtagh, editor of Wiley Analytical Science, the interview explores the profound journey that led to the creation of VoxCell and its mission to reshape drug development through advanced 3D bioprinting technology. Motivated by a personal connection to cancer, Dr. Valente's groundbreaking work stands as a testament to inspiration within the field of analytical science. For a comprehensive read, you can access the full magazine article here.


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