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Universal Bioinks™


Bioinks are specialized biomaterials used in 3D bioprinting to create 3D structures. As such, they serve as the "ink" for the printer in the printing process. When living cells and biologically active components are incorporated into a bioink pre-printing, it becomes possible to precisely fabricate 3D tissues.  In the 3D tissues, the bioink serves the role of the extracellular matrix.  Thus, to create the most life-like tissue system, selecting a suitable bioink is crucial. 

VoxCell's Universal Bioinks™

VoxCell’s Universal Bioinks™ are multi-component mixtures created to replicate the extracellular matrix of soft living tissues. Careful formulation of the biopolymers has allowed us to craft bioink mixtures that provide mechanical characteristics and biocompatibility favorable to cell growth and proliferation. With VoxCell’s Universal Bioinks™ and precise bioprinting technologies, tissue engineers can fabricate intricate 3D structures that closely resemble the complexity of native soft tissues. 

Truly Universal

Our Universal Bioinks™ are supplied in solid form with a UV-activated photocrosslinker, and are compatible with different media types, allowing scientists to tailor the ink to their needs. The  Universal Bioinks™ are truly universal, capable of being used with multiple bioprinting technologies, including extrusion-based and dynamic light processing (DLP) systems.

Ready to be reconstituted, with multiple media compatibility for various cell lines; unlock the potential of VoxCell BioInnovation’s Universal Bioink™ Kits.

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