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Publication of Paper

Exciting news from VoxCell BioInnovation!

We are delighted to share a significant milestone achieved by VoxCell BioInnovation – the publication of our groundbreaking paper, "Preclinical Testing Techniques: Paving the Way for New Oncology Screening Approaches." This collaborative effort is led by VoxCell’s former Biomedical Engineer, Antonia van Rijt, VoxCell's CEO, Dr. Karolina Valente, and VoxCell's Lead of Tissue Engineering, Evan Stefanek; it promises to reshape the landscape of preclinical testing in the field of oncology.

Traditional preclinical testing methods, such as 2D cell culture and animal models, have long been the industry standard. However, these methods often fall short in accurately predicting drug efficacy in humans, especially in the challenging field of oncology. The staggering failure rates of drug candidates entering clinical trials have prompted us to seek innovative solutions.

Enter 3D cell culture models, a revolutionary advancement in biology and tissue engineering. These models closely mimic human tissues, surpassing the limitations of 2D culture methods. They enable us to replicate the intricate patterns of drug diffusion, cell-to-cell signalling, and the presence of vasculature in tumours in vivo. Moreover, these techniques align with the FDA Modernization Act 2.0, which advocates for the use of higher complexity in vitro models, including 3D cell cultures.

What does this mean for the future of drug development? It signifies a tremendous stride towards more precise, efficient, and safer preclinical testing. By offering a superior representation of human tissue, 3D culture platforms hold the potential to transform preclinical drug development and usher in a new era of safer and more effective cancer treatments.

Join us in celebrating this achievement and stay tuned for more innovations from VoxCell BioInnovation as we continue to push the boundaries of science for a healthier world.


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