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2nd Place at the 7th Sci Innovation Competition

Updated: May 9

We're thrilled to share that VoxCell BioInnovation's VP of Business Development, Dr. Kevin Vos, led our representation at the 7th Sci Innovation trade mission in Shenzhen, China. This delegation provided a platform for engaging in pitch competitions, meeting with investors, exploring industrial parks and listed companies, and participating in various networking events.

VoxCell's journey with Sci Innovation began last October when we initially presented at the pitch competition. Out of 21 selected tech companies, VoxCell emerged as one of the top performers. As a result, we earned a spot among the 14 highest-scoring companies, granting us a fully subsidized opportunity to join the trade mission to Shenzhen.

During our time in Shenzhen, VoxCell excelled in the competitive landscape. We finished within the top 3 in the Biological Medicine and Health Sector Final, outshining 30 companies from 9 different countries. Our success propelled us to the Sector Agnostic Global Final Showcase, where we competed among the top 3 companies from all 7 sectors, and claimed second place among the top contenders from all sectors. This has led to multiple non-dilutive prizes.

This experience not only showcased VoxCell's groundbreaking technology but also provided us with a unique opportunity to tap into the Asia-Pacific market. Through meaningful connections with investors, industrial partners, and manufacturers, we're poised to expand our presence and impact in this thriving region.


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