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Top Finalist at Web Summit 2024

Updated: May 9

VoxCell BioInnovation proudly participated at Web Summit Rio 2024, where innovation took center stage! With over 30,000 visionaries, 600+ speakers, and 1,000+ startups diving deep into the world of tech, it was an event to remember.

Our CEO, Dr. Karolina Valente, and Business Operations Coordinator, Asees Kaur, represented VoxCell throughout the event. They showcased our groundbreaking work to a captivated audience, earning VoxCell a spotlight as one of the standout startups of the year!

But the excitement didn't stop there! Dr. Karolina Valente presented center stage at the PITCH Competition, where VoxCell emerged as one of the top three finalists out of 40 promising startups! Asees Kaur, in the Startup Showcase Medtech Revolution, highlighted VoxCell’s pivotal role in shaping the future of Medtech, leaving a lasting impression on industry leaders and peers.

Throughout Exhibition Day, we engaged with attendees, sharing insights about VoxCell's technology and fostering connections within the industry. And let's not forget the series of investor meetings, where we forged connections with potential partners and supporters. Now, VoxCell is eagerly following up with the investor connections made at the Web Summit, ready to take the next steps toward a future defined by innovation and collaboration.


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