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Universal Bioink™ Kit

Universal Bioink™ Kit

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Our Universal Bioink™ Kits are a multi-component polymeric mixture, selected to replicate the extracellular matrix of living tissues. Engineered for versatility, these kits enable the creation of 3D hydrogels mimicking the chemical and mechanical properties of soft tissue types. Our bioink is truly universal, offering compatibility with bioprinting technologies, including extrusion-based and digital light processing (DLP) systems. Ready to be reconstituted, with multiple media compatibility for various cell lines; unlock the potential of VoxCell BioInnovation’ s Universal Bioink™ kits.


The product is delivered in a VoxCell kit containing a sterile Universal Bioink™ (830 mg) and non-sterile Photoinitiator: LAP (28 mg).


For those working with DLP bioprinting VoxCell also supplies the photoabsorber, Tartrazine (powder, 100 mg) with a 7 mm x 2 mm magnetic stir bar.

Universal Bioink™

* Oscillatory testing via Anton Paar MCR 302 Rheometer at 23 °C

** Stored at -20 °C, in the absence of light

*** Stored at 4 °C, in the absence of light

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